The KWON information line (and KWON sellers hotline)

If you have phoned the KWON sellers hotline, you may have heard an announcement from BT telling you that the call may cost more than 20p/minute.

We adopted the hotline number in 2003 for several reasons:

  • Before the hotline was introduced, we used the home numbers of members of the Kwon team as points of contact. This meant that the numbers could change from year to year
  • During the times when the sellers hotline was open, we had to be available to take calls (and sellers details) between 7am and 10pm – and we did not have the means of taking messages. Since most of the Kwon team members work during the day, this became difficult.
  • The introduction of the 070059 number means that we have a single point of contact – the number can be diverted to members of the Kwon team, messages left, and during the sale itself – directed to the mobile phone of a team member at the sale.
  • During the times when the phone line is used as the sellers hotline, we can batch the calls and deal with them together rather than them arriving sporadically.

What does it cost?

We chose to use a number from dmClub because they have a system that does not cost the Kwon sale anything to run – as you may know, the sale has been running over 30 years and raises money to support hospital and education projects in Uganda.

Calls to 070059 numbers from a BT landline are charged at the BT ‘K’ rate – which is 12.5, 25, 37.5 p/min incl VAT (weekends, night, day) pence per minute before discount. Calls from other types of phones are approximately the same as calling a mobile phone.

Calls to the Kwon sellers hotline are on average 1.5 minsĀ  – no calls to date have been more than two minutes, and many are much shorter.

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