Celebrating 40+ years

The Kwon Sale started in 1971 when a group of people – wives of students at St John’s College, Nottingham – decided to support an orphan Kwon He Ryun. They held a couple of small sales to raise some money to support Kwon.

It seemed such a good idea, and so the Kwon Sale was born.

As Kwon has grown up, so has the sale – it takes place twice a year now – May and November – and  we support hospital and education projects in Uganda. The sale has grown in size too – from the half a dozen people who started it we now have a team of around 70 helpers to run the sale. Over the 40 years we have sent more than £100,000 to Uganda.

This calls for a celebration!

We are holding a celebration service at 7:30pm on Tuesday 12 June 2012 at Beeston Baptist Church, Dovecote Lane.  (There are rumours of cake afterwards!)

Margaret Sentamu – wife of the Archbishop of York – is our guest speaker. Born in Uganda, she studied at Kampala University before coming to the United Kingdom in 1970 with her husband.

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