Been associated with the KWON sale for a long time!

Tram works update

At the Sale in April 2015 both ends of the road to Trent Vineyard church were finally opened! What’s more … there were trams running. Who knows – maybe at the Sale on 17 October 2015, you will be able to catch the tram?

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Win win win situation

View as slideshow About the KWON Sale | KWON Sale Twice a year, the peace of St John’s College gives way to the mayhem that is the Kwon Sale. The Sale was originally held to raise money t… 00Share Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ Share on…

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Celebrating 40+ years

The Kwon Sale started in 1971 when a group of people – wives of students at St John’s College, Nottingham – decided to support an orphan Kwon He Ryun. They held a couple of small sales to raise some money to support Kwon. It seemed such a good idea, and…

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