Terms and conditions for sellers at the Kwon Sale

By selling at the Kwon Sale, you agree to the terms and conditions in this document.

The Kwon Sale raises money for hospital and education projects in Uganda. It is staffed by a team of volunteers who sell the items on behalf of registered sellers. Money is raised by deducting 35% from the price of sold items. Unsold items can be collected by the seller or donated to local charities. The sale provides the opportunity to buy and sell good quality children’s clothing and toys.

The Sale is named after Kwon He Ryun, a Korean orphan for whom the sale was originally set up in 1971. Kwon is now grown up, and married with children, so the Kwon Sale currently supports the work of the Kagando Hospital and the Teso Educational Support Services (TESS) in Uganda. The Kwon Sale has raised over £100,000 since the work in Uganda was adopted.

What we sell

We sell:

  • Nearly new children’s clothing (0 – 14 years) and maternity clothing.
  • Nursery equipment and bedding, pushchairs, highchairs.
  • Toys, games, puzzles, children’s books and DVD’s.


Important notices

  • We maintain strict quality control, and it is at our discretion whether or not articles submitted for sale are displayed. We reserve the right not to display any goods, which seem to us to be unsuitable or in poor condition.
  • Articles that lose their labels may be sold off at a price determined by the organisers and the whole proceeds passed to the charities we support.
  • Unsold items that are not collected will be recycled.
  • There is no facility for storing items before or after the Kwon Sale.
  • No household articles are accepted.
  • For clothes, we can only accept up to two bags of clothing from each seller.

Conditions of sale

We take every care to look after your items before and during the Kwon Sale, however the following are conditions of acceptance of articles for sale:

  • We are running the Kwon Sale for charitable purposes. The Kwon Sale raises money to support work in the Teso Trust and Kagando Hospital in Uganda.
  • We do not keep an inventory of items received for sale, and we can take no responsibility for items that sellers claim to have been lost in the Kwon Sale.
  • We cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of items submitted for sale. It is the seller’s responsibility that items are securely labelled, and that parts will not become detached during the Kwon Sale. Please pack small pieces securely.
  • By submitting articles for sale, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions expressed in this document.

Labelling of items for sale

  • Items must be labelled correctly as described in How to label sale items.
  • Deliver items to the Sale venue on the Friday evening before the Sale at the time slot on your registration. It helps us if you can keep to the time slot.

Collection and Payment

  • Unsold articles and 65% of the selling price of sold articles (rounded down to the nearest 10p) will be available in the afternoon of the Kwon Sale.
  • If you want someone else to pick up the items/money on your behalf, you must provide them with a letter of authorisation.
  • Please collect your unsold items and money on the Saturday afternoon at the collection time on your registration.
  • Returned goods that are not collected by 4:15pm will be donated to charity.

The Kwon Sale does not have the facility for storing uncollected goods. If you are unable to collect goods at the specified time, please email selleradmin@kwonsale.org.uk as soon as possible.

How much does the Kwon Sale take from the selling price?

The Kwon Sale raises money for hospital and education projects in Uganda by taking 35% of the selling price. 65% (rounded down to the nearest 10p) is returned to the seller.

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