About the KWON Sale


Twice a year, Trent Vineyard Church gives way to the Kwon Sale.

Why Kwon?

The Kwon Sale raises money for hospital and education projects in Uganda. It is staffed by a team of volunteers who sell the items on behalf of registered sellers. Money is raised by deducting 35% from the price of sold items. Unsold items can be collected by the seller or donated to local charities. The sale provides the opportunity to buy and sell good quality children’s clothing and toys.

The Sale is named after Kwon He Ryun, a Korean orphan for whom the sale was originally set up in 1971. Kwon is now grown up, and married with children, so the Kwon Sale currently supports the work of the Kagando Hospital and the Teso Educational Support Services (TESS) in Uganda. The Kwon Sale has raised over £100,000 since the work in Uganda was adopted.

The Kwon Sale is an opportunity for families to buy and sell good quality children’s clothing, equipment and toys.

Don’t be mistaken – this is not a “church jumble sale” – it is highly organised with a team of up to 100 people volunteering.

Behind the scenes

Sellers book in advance of the Kwon Sale, and the team of more than 70 helpers are on hand from 6pm on the Friday night sorting and quality checking goods, until late into the evening.
On the day of the Kwon Sale, the helpers return for four shifts:

  • Stewards managing the car-parks,
  • The Kwon Sale itself.
  • Re-sorting unsold items and returning them to the sellers.
  • Restoring the venue to its usual order.

More than 400 people pass through the doors in the two hours of the Kwon Sale!

Is it worthwhile? Certainly! The number of people coming to the Kwon Sale or helping is a testimony in itself.

Most importantly the projects we support in Uganda benefit hugely from the money raised and local charities benefit from any unsold donated items.

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