How to label items for the Kwon Sale

Important: These instructions are updated from time to time. This document was last revised in January 2022

Selling at the Kwon Sale NEW LABELLING SYSTEM

Once you have registered as a seller, you will be allocated a unique seller number/code and sent an email with the new Label design. We have changed the label design to meet GDPR and to help simplify resort and label sorting for payments. 

Please note that labels will still need to include the following information:

  • Size/age-range of the article or brief description.
  • The selling price (in multiples of 10p only ie 70p or 80p, not 75p)

You will notice that each label has the word RECYCLE on it, this is to let us know that you wish the item to be sent to a local charity if it is not sold in the Kwon Sale. If you would like the unsold item back simply cross out or cut off the word.

  • If you can print out your labels, then please do so onto card.

If you do not have access to a printer you may handwrite your labels, but please include you UNIQUE NUMBER and write clearly. Remember to use card (for example from a breakfast cereal packet) 

  • Make sure the label is attached securely with a safety pin or sewn onto clothing. For books and equipment the label should be tied with string. Do not use sellotape.
  • Include a brief description of the item particularly if it has a high value.

Example label 


Please note that sellers will be asked to remain in their cars and volunteers will empty your items.

Unfortunately, if you have more than 2 bags of clothes or more than 1 boot load the volunteers will have to leave the excess with you.

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