How to label items for the Kwon Sale

Important: These instructions are updated from time to time. This document was last revised in March 2016.

Selling at the Kwon Sale – quick reference for labelling

All items must be labelled with the following required information:

  • Your surname and initial.
  • Your postcode or phone number.
  • Size/age-range of the article or brief description.
  • The selling price (in multiples of 10p only – ie 70p or 80p, not 75p)

Your contact details should match the details you supplied when you registered with the Kwon Sale.

You can add extra instructions if you wish to donate the whole selling price or unsold items:

  • UGANDA only if you you wish all the money raised by the sale of the item to be added to the Kwon fund.
  • RECYCLE if you wish the item to be sent to a local charity if it is not sold in the Kwon Sale.

(Do not write these instructions on the label unless you want the Kwon Sale team to act on them when we re-sort goods after the Kwon Sale.)

  • Use one side of the label only.
  • Write clearly.
  • Use card (for example from a breakfast cereal packet) – coloured card helps us.
  • Make sure the label is attached securely with a safety pin or sewn onto clothing. For books and equipment the label should be tied with string. Do not use sellotape.
  • Include a brief description of the item particularly if it has a high value.


Example ticket

Example of a label

Example of a label

UGANDA (only if you are donating the asking price)
RECYCLE (only if you are donating unsold goods)

Please do not bring more than one car boot load of goods to the Kwon Sale – select your best items.

Please limit clothing to TWO BIN BAGS OF CLOTHES

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