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The Kwon Sale raises money for hospital and education projects in Uganda. It is staffed by a team of volunteers who sell the items on behalf of registered sellers. Money is raised by deducting 35% from the price of sold items. Unsold items can be collected by the seller or donated to local charities. The sale provides the opportunity to buy and sell good quality children’s clothing and toys. The Sale is named after Kwon He Ryun, a Korean orphan for whom the sale was originally set up in 1971. Kwon is now grown up, and married with children, so the Kwon Sale currently supports the work of the Kagando Hospital and the Teso Educational Support Services (TESS) in Uganda. The Kwon Sale has raised over £100,000 since the work in Uganda was adopted.

Sell at the Kwon Sale

  1. Register online for a seller slot. You will be able to choose a drop-off time for the Friday night. We will send you a confirmation by email.
  2. Use the NEW Label design with your UNIQUE NUMBER to label the items that you want to sell.
    For clothes, we can only accept up to two bin bags of clothing from each seller.
    See How to label sale items.
  3. On the Friday evening before the Kwon Sale, bring your labelled items to the venue at the drop-off time. Our team will unload your car.
  4. On the Saturday morning during the Kwon Sale, our team of helpers will manage the sale of your items. You are most welcome to come to the Sale as a buyer!
  5. On the Saturday afternoon after the Kwon Sale, you can collect your money and unsold items during the allocated collection time. 
    Returned goods that are not collected by 4:15pm will be donated to charity.

It helps us if you can arrive at the allocated time for dropping off and collecting.

Important: By selling at the Kwon Sale, you agree to the terms and conditions of the Kwon Sale.

What we sell

There are three categories in the Kwon Sale. Please would you place items into bags in these categories and label the bags clearly. Items must be labelled securely and clearly – see How to label items

  • Children’s clothing and shoes (o-14 years) and maternity clothing in good condition.
  • Nursery equipment, pushchairs, baby baths, highchairs.
  • Toys, games, puzzles, children’s books – in good condition. Please pack books separately from games.

Please note that we are no longer able to sell the following:

  • Cot, crib, moses basket or pram mattresses.
  • Children’s bicycle helmets (unless they have a clearly marked BS Kite mark and are sold in their original packaging).
  • Inflatable swimming equipment for children.
  • Bag style baby slings

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